What is a Conventional Loan?

Conventional Loans in Houston

In Texas, if you want want to buy or refinance a Texas Home up to $647,200 AND, you have good Credit and plenty of Income for your chosen payment amount, then most likely you are seeking a “Conforming” or “Conventional” Home Loan. A Conventional Loan also allows up to $828,700 for a Duplex, $1,001,650 for a Triplex, and $1,244,850 for a Fourplex.

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Conventional Loan Quick Facts

Factors such as down payment, interest rate, and reserves vary depending on your credit score and the Conventional program offered by each lender. 

Requires higher FICO score than FHA.

All types of mortgage insurance products on Conventional Loans are cheaper than FHA Loans.

Allowed to finance Primary Residence, Vacation Property, Second Home, and Rental Property.

For Down Payments, a personal residence starts at 3% Down; and,  rental/investment property starts at 20% Down.  

Qualifying is simple and easy.

Conventional Loan Limits in Houston

Each year, the conventional loan limits are set for each county.   For 20201. the conventional loan limits for all Texas Counties are:

One Unit:


Two Units:


Three Units:


Four Units:


Financing which does not exceed these thresholds can be obtained through a conventional home loan. If you require more financing, you can apply for a Jumbo loan instead.


What is your target monthly payment? 

Yes, you can qualify for it . We can help.

Minimum credit score could start at 620; however, each Lender can have different FICO score requirements.

With a 20% or more Down Payment, there is no private mortgage insurance requirement for either a personal esidence or investment property.

Total Debt to Income Rations can be above 43% if underwriting shows that you have compensating factors like excellent Credit Scores, and High Reserves.

There are may different types of Conventional Loan Programs, from loans for first time home owners to loans for landlords creating a Rental Portfolio. Each has unique qualifying criteria.

Other home loans include:

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