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What is a Jumbo Loan?

Jumbo Loans in Houston

In Texas, all home purchase or refinance loans over $484,350 are Jumbo loans. Essentially, a Jumbo loan is a conventional loan that is too large to be purchased by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Therefore, a Jumbo loan is known as a “non-conforming loan" whose lending criteria is determined solely through investor demand in the private market, while a “conforming loan” is any loan bought and sold by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Although a Jumbo loan in Houston Metro area can extend beyond 25 Million dollars, however most Jumbo loans are between $485,350 and 3 Million Dollars.

Jumbo Loan Quick Facts

Factors such as down payment, interest rate, and reserves vary depending on your credit score and the jumbo program offered by each lender.

Variable down payment, could start at a minimum of 5% down.

Minimum credit score starts as low 680.

Required reserves could be from six to fifteen months.

Could require two appraisals.

Can you use a Jumbo loan to buy or refinance a duplex, triplex, or fourplex?


Below are the Jumbo minimum loan limits for 2019 for Harris County.

Two units:


Three units:


Four units:


Qualifying for a Jumbo Loan

Qualifying is Easy and Simple.

In limited cases Jumbo loan down payment could start as low as 5% , however, down payment requirements can increase as the jumbo loan amount exceeds one and a half million dollars.

In general, on most Jumbo Loan Programs, credit score starts at 680; however, as the loan amount increases, usually, the lender wants to see credit score above 720+. In other cases, if the Loan to Value decreases to 50% some programs allow a FICO score below 680.

Many Jumbo Loan Programs require the borrower to have at least 6 months of reserves for loans up to $1,000,000. However, if the loan amount is higher, lender may require 6, 9, 12, or up to 15 months reserves.

The Loan Process

Close in as fast as 14 days!

Easy and

1 How's My Credit 2 Loan Options 3 Approval Process 4 Steps To Closing

Our Jumbo Home Purchase Lowest Rate Guarantee

If you use our realty affiliate Texas Property Realty on a closing transaction of a home, then your final home loan interest rate in combination with all expenses, will be lower on the same loan product than any competitor by at least 1/8 percent APR, or we Texas Property Lending, Inc. will pay $1,000 towards your closing costs when you close Texas Property Realty.

*This Guarantee applies only to Products and Programs that Texas Property Lending offers, and only includes Jumbo, and Conventional, and, any claim for reimbursement must be made in writing no later than 30 days prior to closing. In all cases Texas Property Lending must have the opportunity and right to beat the rate and expense of any competitor. This guarantee does not apply if your family member, extended family member, fiancé or significant other is doing your loan, as our competitor.

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We endorse the spirit of giving espoused by Bill and Melinda Gates, Warren Buffet, and others, in helping to reduce global inequality and human suffering. Each time you close a transaction with either affiliated business, Texas Property Lending Inc or Texas Property Realty, we donate 10% of earned Commissions to Charity. With each of your particular transactions, ask us for details!

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